Mike Teaches Defense!

All Webinars are Thursdays 2:00PM Eastern and only $15 each.


My friend and partner Eddie Kantar, wrote “I am prepared to lay odds that more tricks are dropped on defense than on bidding and play COMBINED!” Eddie knows what he is talking about.
During the next several weeks, I will take you into the world of defense and show many of the things that you need to think about. If you review the class notes after the Zoom session, you will have many of the tools needed to be a good defender. Easy? No. But it can be done when you learn how to sort out the information available and how to use it. I can and hope to be able to do many more sessions on defense.

Sep 30 – Defense Part 1
Oct 7 – Defense Part 2
Oct 14 – Defense Part 3
Oct 21 – Defense Part 4
Oct 28 – Defense Part 5

1HR+ lecture and approx. 30Min Q&A

Mike Lawrence has more experience teaching bridge, writing about bridge, and playing bridge than 99% of bridge players. He’s taught in over twenty countries and almost every state. Mike tells it like it is with understandable clarity. You can’t be right all of the time but you can be be right more often than you were a few months ago.

Classes include:
• Professionally produced lecture notes
• A good sense of humor
• A link to watch the recorded webinar which you will receive shortly after the Zoom session.
• Access to the recorded webinar as often as you wish.

If you have any questions, please email Cheryl at