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Insights On Bridge by Mike Lawrence - Moments in the Bidding Book 1

Insights on Bridge: Book 1

Moments in Bidding

Insights on Bridge offers 102 mini-lessons on hands of the sort that you will see at the table. This book, the first in a series, talks about common bidding situations that need clarification. Later books on this series will include Moments in Play and Moments in Defense. There is a lot of judgment in this and later books.



For instance:

None Vulnerable
West Deals

W     N     E     S
3♦   P      P     ?

♠ Q J 8 7 6 5 3
♥ 10 7 6 5
♦ 2
♣ Q

What should South do with this hand? Want to know? It’s one of the hands in INSIGHTS on BRIDGE – Book one.

My last five books are all intended to help you get better. If you read them, they will do what they are supposed to do.
They will help make any player a better player on the way to becoming a very good player. These books include:

  • Bridge Insights Book 1
  • Judgement at Bridge 2
  • Tips on Constructive Bidding
  • Tips on Competitive Bidding
  • Tips on Play and Defense

These five books are part of an essential bridge library. They should be read multiple times. If you have any doubts, ask a friend

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