Cruising is on hold

I returned a few weeks ago after a Go Away Travel trip to Mexico.  This was one of the cruises that wasn’t caught up in the current virus that is changing everything.  It was a delight. 

But, for the foreseeable future, there are no cruises in the works.  Time will dictate when they might start again.

In the meantime, where can you find a good game?

If you are looking for good bridge, you should consider BBO (Bridge Base Online).  It offers a lot but I will mention one special thing that BBO offers.

Assuming your usual club game is closed, you can make arrangement with three of your friends to play on BBO.  Make a bridge date with them to play on BBO for an hour or two.  You can do this once a week.  You can do this with different friends at different times.  You can do this every day. 

BBO offers tournaments too but there is nothing like playing with friends that you know and enjoy.

Mike Lawrence