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"Included are all of my bridge books and all of my bridge software. There are a few items created by other players that I think enough of to carry here as well. I won't advertise something if I don't think it has merit."

Mike Lawrence doesn’t teach rules to memorize; he schools his reader in beneficial habits and patterns of thought. After reading this book (repeatedly, gaining added benefit each time), my opponents began to think we were playing bridge with glass cards.


Mike Lawrence must be a direct descendant of Sherlock Holmes! He uses every scrap of information available on any particular hand/auction, and uses these to arrive at the best bid to make. And it is because of this attention to detail that this (and his other books) are intended for those players in the intermediate or advanced category.

J. Terry

One of the five best bridge books to be shipwrecked with – Mike’s comprehensive work on Overcalls actually transcends the subject and gets near to the inner essence of bridge,

Jay T. Segarra

Lawrence gives insight into his own considerations when making bidding decisions and makes it clear that many decisions are not absolute. But following the logic and type of arguments he presents you will get more and more decisions right. I strongly recommend his books to every bridge player who aspires to improve his or her game.

johan pieters