Judgment At Bridge 2

Be A Better Player & More Difficult Opponent

In his original Judgment at Bridge, Mike Lawrence gave us a lot of great advice on how to think at the bridge table. In Judgment at Bridge 2, Mike continues with his guidance on how to approach the game. Take Mike’s counsel and you will become a better player and a more difficult opponent.

Table Of Contents
1. Luck
2. A Winning Attitude
3. Introducing Dubious Bridge Rules
4. Preempting
5. Bidding When They Preempt
6. Overcalling at the One or Two Level
7. An Old Favorite – The Takeout Double
8. Responding to a Takeout Double
9. Partner Opens with a One-Bid and RHO Doubles for Takeout
10. Competing – The Value of Being In The Auction
11. High Value Conventions That are Worth Adding Immediately
12. High Value Conventions That are Worth Adding Later
13. Conventions You Don’t Need
14. Quickies
15. The Best for Last- The Art of the Penalty Double

224 Pages. Copyright 2017

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