Upcoming Cruises

with Mike and Karen Lawrence

I have been doing cruises for nearly 18 years now and have been with more than a few agencies.  Go Away Travel has been consistently good.  In 14 cruises, I have yet to see a glitch come up.  Given the problems I have experienced with other travel agencies, I know that Go Away Travel’s record is excellent.  John Sobel is the person who runs these cruises.  He is a good leader and a very nice person.  All the qualities you want.
At this moment, I have four cruises set up. The following link will get you information on each of them.


15-22 September, 2017

11-18, Feb 2018

7-17 March 2018

June 30 – July 11, 2018
The cruise to Alaska is a first for me. I’ve been asking John Sobel for this cruise and now I have it.

Welcome Aboard.

All of these cruises have bridge and masterpoints and importantly, lectures from Mike Lawrence.

Come join us.

Mike & Karen Lawrence