Falsecards (2nd edition)

Everyone loves a good swindle as much as or more than a good play or bid. Falsecards shows you just about all of the deceptions available to declarer or a defender. It is the only book devoted solely to the topic of legal stealing. Because this is a dangerous topic, I open the book with the advice that you should not read it. But, if you have the discipline to use this stuff properly and promise not to confuse your partner, falsecards can be a potent weapon for you. Actually, if you read only about declarer’s falsecards, you will have a huge gain. For example. Your Left Hand Opponent bids spades and you end up in four hearts. Here is the spade suit. West leads the king of spades, showing the ace and king. You play low from dummy and East plays the five. Q72 K 5 J83 South does not want West to continue with the ace of spades and a third spade which will give East a spade ruff. How should South stop this? Should South play the jack, the eight, or the three? Why?

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